The Faculty is recognised as one of Asia-Pacific's leading procurement advisors. We work with organisations to transform and elevate the role of procurement, build high performance commercial teams and facilitate professional knowledge networks. We are not theorists.  We are practitioners, committed to delivering innovative and actionable commercial solutions to help you stay ahead of the game.


As organisations compete more vigorously and as the commercial and operational demands grow, the need for procurement to deliver both value and a competitive advantage to the organisation is increasing.

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Capability and Training
Capability and Training

Attracting and retaining talent remains the single most critical issue on any CEO’s agenda. Investing in professional development ensures individual potential is realised and the business is properly equipped to accelerate performance.

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Roundtables and Forums
Roundtables and Councils

CPOs and future Procurement leaders from Asia-Pacific's top performing organisations meet regularly to share, learn and raise the bar on procurement strategy.

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