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Code of Conduct

Our Code of Ethics and Conduct (the Code) is based on The Faculty’s core values. It provides a framework for the high standards of professional business, industry conduct and behaviour and to deal with ethical problems that an employee may encounter at work.

Employees of The Faculty maintain ethical standards and professional conduct at all times, in all areas of work. If The Faculty deems an employee’s conduct to be unacceptable, or in conflict with the business and culture, including any of the employee’s involvement which places The Faculty’s reputation in jeopardy, employment may be terminated. The Faculty does not compromise on its commitment to ethical and professional standards.


Code of Conduct between The Faculty and The Source

The Faculty and The Source are two companies focused on improving the capability of the procurement profession.  They are owned by the same shareholder, but are separate businesses.  The Source is a specialist recruitment agency, responsible for attracting and securing the brightest procurement talent for its clients.  The Faculty is a specialist management consultancy focused on developing best practice procurement performance through training, research and strategy.

The Faculty and The Source are each stand-alone businesses in their own rights. They have their own unique leadership teams and employees.  They share a common database of contacts, but operate distinct Customer Relationship Management systems. “Chinese Walls” exist between both businesses to protect the confidential nature of the discussions and services provided to clients. Information shared between the two companies is limited to:-

  • Providing lists of current clients to ensure both companies adhere to their Codes of Conduct regarding candidate care and client care
  • Specific referrals of business between the two companies, where clients have given express permission to do so


Client Care


The Source does not head-hunt candidates from current clients of The Source or The Faculty. This means that if a client has engaged The Faculty or The Source during the last 12 months for a consulting assignment, in-house training program or an annual network subscription, The Source will not make any direct approaches to its employees.  This policy excludes one-off attendees at public training programs and events.

Client employees as candidates

If an employee from a current client of The Source or The Faculty independently applies for an advertised role, The Source must implement its duty of care and consider the candidate for the role without bias, along with all other applications. If a candidate has directly applied for a vacancy with The Source, this means that the candidate is likely to be active in the market for a new role. The Source supports procurement professionals in their career aspirations and will do the same with this candidate, but will also coach and encourage the candidate to have a transparent conversation with their employer on career opportunities within their current organisation.

Placed candidates applying for roles

If The Source places a candidate, The Source will not headhunt or place that candidate for a minimum period of two years, unless a transparent discussion has occurred with their manager on career opportunities within their current organisation, or they have already resigned.

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