Category Management & Sourcing

As organisations have become increasingly reliant on third party suppliers the 'value' conversation has shifted from one of short-term cost savings to one of sustainable shareholder return.

Uncovering value in all its forms requires a more holistic view of spend categories that not only leverages volume across the widest possible spend profile, but also leverages intelligence. Shareholder returns are maximised when a deep understanding of external supply market dynamics is balanced with close internal strategic alignment between category objectives and business drivers.

What this means in terms of skills and experience is significant as it requires a complete understanding of the supply chain for that spend area, profound technical knowledge and strong market intelligence. And while we see some re-alignment of procurement team structures and capability, and the establishment of common frameworks and standards, we have yet to see the levels of ‘institutionalised’ category management as a core procurement capability to the same extent that strategic sourcing now is in many organisations.

We will work alongside you and your team to ensure you have comprehensive strategies in place, to effectively manage your critical areas of spend and secure your organisations competitive advantage. Specifically we have expertise in:


  • Category Portfolio Review / Strategy Development Analysis (spend, cost, risk, market, needs)
  • Market Intelligence Program Design
  • Sourcing Strategy and Go-to-Market Support
  • Negotiation and Evaluation
  • Outsourcing / Low Cost Country Sourcing
  • Contract Management
  • Socially Responsible Procurement



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