Organisation, Culture & Training

The war for talent is a constant theme in our conversations with senior executives.

Attracting and retaining talent remains the single most critical issue on any CEO’s agenda. Investing in professional development not only ensures the business is equipped with the right blend of commercial acumen, leadership and change management skills to accelerate performance, but also provides clear career pathways to engage and retain the organisation’s brightest stars.

Identifying outstanding talent, structuring the organisation in a way which meets the business objectives and reducing talent gaps is a key expertise of The Faculty. Our people capability and training team will help your organisation with:

  • Organisation Design
    Design and create the best organisational structure for the procurement team to engage successfully with internal and external stakeholders and to drive efficiencies.

  • Capability & Skills Assessment
    Benchmark existing and new team members against specific procurement competencies to develop a clear and structured team development program.

  • Tailored Development Plans (Individual & Team)
    Keep your team up to date with best practice and the latest developments in procurement through professional development workshops.

  • Change Management
    Ensure effective and sustainable implementation of organisational initiatives through effective planning, communication and motivation.

  • Communication Strategy & Plan Development
    Engage effectively with procurement’s stakeholders to communicate the procurement vision to drive compliance.

  • Leadership Development
    Set clear objectives, expectations and direction for the commercial leadership team, and ensure they have the right skills and experience to deliver.


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