Business leaders today are faced with a growing number of strategic issues which directly relate to the management of their supply chain and, in particular, their supply base. A concerted effort to dramatically improve your organisation’s procurement capability can help address the following challenges:


The market wants savings validation

The financial markets need to be convinced of your cost savings numbers

  • Design and institute a cost savings program
  • Design and align cost saving/benefit KPIs between operations, finance and procurement
  • Develop and implement scorecard reporting system



Is your business at risk from supply?

You feel exposed in managing the third party credit, supply and reputation risk associated your extended network of suppliers 

Everyone is buying whatever they want, using whatever payment method and terms they want



Linking procurement and business strategy

Your procurement strategy is not linked to your business strategy and the team is underperforming

  • Benchmark your procurement team against peer companies with The Faculty’s Procurement Benchmarking™
  • Conduct a Value Diagnostic™ to determine how and where your procurement team can add the most appropriate value to your organisation
  • Re-design and implement a procurement strategy that is linked to your business strategy

A handful of key strategic suppliers are hampering your ability to compete

Your competitors are receiving preferential pricing, terms and innovation from your supply base 

  • Conduct price benchmarking 
  • Determine where your organization ranks on The Faculty’s Supplier Confidence Index™ 



Your procurement capability is your limiting factor

 Your buying talent does not match the capability of your suppliers’ selling talent

You are a “greenfields” site with no procurement capability at all

  • Meet our Procurement Roundtable™ members to see first-hand how procurement is managed in leading companies around Asia-Pacific
  • Engage The Faculty to develop your Procurement Strategy 
  • Brief our recruitment team at The Source to brief them on your resource requirements.