Roundtable Mentoring Program

The Roundtable Mentoring Program is a 6-month program where emerging procurement leaders from the Roundtable are matched with senior procurement personnel to expand their knowledge and perspective.

Since the commencement of Roundtable in 2005, over 200 procurement professionals have benefited from the program.  The first of its kind in Australia, the Roundtable Mentoring Program provides a structured framework to nurture the development of effective mentoring relationships and help transform your career. It combines informal and formal, face-to-face and remote elements, allowing mentoring pairs flexibility to address a range of procurement, professional development and leadership issues.

The program provides participants with:

  • Networking opportunities within the procurement profession
  • Increased understanding of the procurement landscape
  • A sounding board, or informed second opinion
  • New perspectives and insight
  • Improved diversity management skills
  • Cross-industry knowledge sharing and collaboration
  • Increased self-confidence and professional awareness
  • An extension of influence outside of your organisation

The core elements of the program include:

  • 6 month program (April – November, 2013)
  • Three facilitated networking sessions
  • One-to-one mentoring meetings
  • Faculty facilitated progress follow-ups
  • Mentoring guidelines and goal setting tools
  • Match-making process
  • On-going qualitative evaluation


    General Manager Procurement and Contracts - GVK Resources (Mentor)

    I learnt as well as mentored.

    Contracts Officer and Services - Peabody Energy (Mentee)

    Excellent program - very valuable at this stage of my career.