Summer, February 2013

Cliffhanger Consultant

At The Faculty we take great pride in our brand reputation but in a true marketing first, The Faculty logo recently graced the highest peak in the Southern Alps!

Consultant Ross Lyman recently braved freezing conditions, hidden crevasses and the threat of icy avalanches during an incredible journey to climb the highest mountain in New Zealand, Mount Cook. 

Standing at an epic 3,754 meters high, Ross and his mountaineering companion Wolfgang Maier spent 48-hours methodically and meticulously climbing the East Ridge.  

Reflecting on his adventure, Ross said “a sense of excitement hit me as we started heading up the East Ridge route. After a few hours into the climb I was feeling strong and confident”. The climb along the East Ridge of Mt Cook is known to be New Zealand’s most classic ice climb, requiring a significant technical skill in addition to peak physical fitness.

“As we progressed, the climb became increasingly challenging and I had trepidation over what technique to employ,” shared Ross. Having climbed solidly for over 20 hours on day one and an additional 16 hours on day two, losing concentration became the real enemy. Ross continuously reminded himself that ‘the key was to simply focus on the basics and ensure they were done properly. Finally at 6pm on day 2, having battled through the pounding wind and snow, and persevering through both mental and physical fatigue Ross and Wolfgang made it to the summit. 

Marking this milestone achievement – and surely the most impressive example of Faculty branding to date - Ross posed for a photo at the summit with The Faculty X-Factor flag. 

The Faculty congratulates Ross on his astounding accomplishment and wishes him well on his next adventure.