Capability Survey reveals shift in talent priorities

The responses to The Faculty’s Roundtable Capability Survey have been collated and among the notable early insights comes the reveal that on average hiring managers put heavier emphasis on cultural fit.

“While assessments are still widely used during a hiring round, the findings from the survey suggest that an altogether more-rounded approach to hiring,” says Gordon Donovan, Head of Training at The Faculty.  

“More and more, hiring managers are incorporating presentation materials, and case studies into the recruitment process in order to better assess cultural fit,” says Gordon.

The responses also revealed that organisations are looking outside the business when it comes to sourcing new talent. The survey suggests that there’s been a significant upswing towards hiring externally, when compared to promoting those from within. 

This finding is mirrored in current market trends, and the popular CareerXroads source of hire survey for 2014. CareerXroads state that external hires in direct sourcing (which went from 9.1 per cent in 2011 to 6.8 per cent in 2012) – jumped to 12.1 per cent last year.

Could this stem from a lack of confidence in training programs? It would certainly explain the shift in the way businesses are closing gaps in their headcount. 

According to Gordon: “It is quite clear from the survey that coaching and mentoring are both areas that are seeing growth, and being leveraged significantly as a means to improve on capability.”

This too is backed by external experts – Sherpa Coaching (who produce a report on executive coaching practices and track demand) provide something called The Coaching Confidence Index (CCI). To calculate the index, it considers rates charged by executive coaches, the number of clients they serve, predictions about demand for coaching and the amount of time executive coaches spend in marketing their service, among other factors. This year’s index has taken a significant leap, to arrive at a record high of 166 (2006 = 100).

A cross-section of 41 different respondents participated in the survey that gauged attitudes towards the use of Capability Assessments during the course of the hiring process.

The Faculty’s Capability Assessment is an online tool that can be offered in a variety of different formats and tailored to suit your organisation’s needs. Learn more about it here

The Faculty will release the full Capability Whitepaper in January 2015.  If you would like to receive a copy, please let us know HERE