08 MARCH 2016

Large corporations can learn an enormous amount from entrepreneurs such as Jeremy Liddle. The 30-something CEO of CapitalPitch has taken more risks in his comparatively short career than many seasoned CPOs would dare to in their risk-averse organisations.

A thought-provoking session at The Faculty’s Sydney CPO Roundtable saw Liddle taking members through his personal journey from university drop-out to entrepreneurial startup CEO, dealing with the critical importance of social enterprises, startups, technology and capital, and his recipe for harnessing entrepreneurial thinking in organisations large and small.

Jeremy’s “Liddle story”:

  • Inspired by the tragic death of a friend and mentor to adopt the life-long philosophy of making every step count, Liddle launched a phenomenally successful juice bar business at the age of 19, taking the franchise to Singapore at the age of 21.
  • At 24 Liddle launched an equally successful health food company with a strong focus on social enterprise, supporting the education of children in the Amazon.
  • Liddle shared his recipe for success for would-be entrepreneurs by writing a book “From Idea to Startup”, published by Longueville Media.
  • Appointed President of the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance Australia alongside fellow youth ambassador Holly Ransom (who will be appearing at the 2016 Asia-Pacific CPO Forum).
  • Became the United Nations Australian representative for youth and entrepreneurship.
  • Co-founded CapitalPitch, the world’s first capital raising accelerator.


Liddle summarises CapitalPitch as “a movement to fast-track startup investing using technology and experts”. In short, the organisation helps entrepreneurs realise their vision to solve the world’s biggest problems. Linking his idea to the Australian Federal Government’s well-publicised focus on innovation, Liddle sees the future of job creation and innovation in high-growth businesses – in other words, successful start-ups. With 99% of startups failing to raise adequate venture capital, there is a clear need for capital raising experts such as CapitalPitch to guide entrepreneurs toward success. The organisation currently has 1043 members, with 6 startups successfully funded and $11 million committed from a variety of venture capital organisations.

Liddle’s take on entrepreneurship

According to Liddle, entrepreneurs operate in a 4-step cycle. Firstly they identify a problem, then find a sustainable commercial solution, identify the market for their solution, and (most importantly), they take action. Entrepreneurial thinking, however, requires a formidable set of attributes. Entrepreneurs are:

  • Passionate, inspired and energetic
  • Empowered, confident, and ready to seize opportunities
  • Prepared to take ownership
  • Fast decision-makers and risk-takers
  • Leaders
  • Disciplined and hard-working
  • Always learning, adaptable and dynamic. 

What does this mean in a corporate environment?

Liddle’s list of entrepreneurial attributes resonated with many of the CPOs in the room, who are eager to grow this sort of capability in their team and in their own personal development. CPOs want to think and behave like startups, but face an uphill battle in their risk-averse organisations constrained by policy and risk mitigation frameworks. After Liddle’s presentation, however, Sydney Roundtable CPOs agreed that if big business wants to compete in the innovation space with the coming wave of well-funded, innovative startups, then the corporate appetite for risk-taking will have to increase very soon.   

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