29 FEB 2016

Sydney members of The Faculty CPO Roundtable engaged in a robust debate at their February meeting over the concept of cyclical business transformations.

The influential group of procurement professionals from some of Australia’s leading organisations gathered at Sydney’s Intercontinental Hotel to share ideas about the unique set of challenges facing commercial leaders. As each CPO used the peer-group as a sounding-board to discuss and refine their strategies for the year ahead, a common theme very soon became apparent – everyone, almost without exception, is currently going through some manner of transformation in their organisation.

Whether businesses refer to the process as a transformation or turnaround, the details of the process are often very similar:

  • Business transformations are becoming increasingly cyclical, with new transformations often launched immediately after the conclusion of a previous one.
  • Transformations or turnarounds are usually initiated by incoming CEOs, and may be increasing in regularity due to CEOs moving roles more frequently.
  • The procurement function is expected to play a leading role in business transformations or turnarounds.
  • Transformations often include some form of restructuring, leading in turn to cyclical rounds of redundancies.

Reasons why transformations are increasing in frequency may include the enduring dialogue around an economy in crisis, which has now become a standard mindset even for businesses that are thriving in the current environment. A “crisis” or “emergency” mentality means that the focus on cost is here to stay, providing an effective platform to kick-start transformative programs. A clear set of targets and (importantly) a non-negotiable end-date for the turnaround provides the framework CEOs need to galvanise their organisation into embracing their agenda for change.

For members of The Faculty’s Sydney Roundtable, this means they need to focus on ensuring their teams have the capability required to lead the way as change agents in their organisations. Strong stakeholder influencing and communication skills, adaptability and flexibility are critically important attributes for new hires, while the CPO role itself appears to be morphing into more of a “Chief Transformation Officer” position. A key part of accepting this change lies in recognising that transformations and turnarounds are now business as usual and, if approached intelligently, can provide the mandate CPOs have been seeking to generate some impressive results.  

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[Image credit]: Paramount Pictures