50% of benefits don't reach the P&L

Exclusive Faculty Research – Make your Savings Stick

Astoundingly, more than 50% of contracted savings do not make their way to the bottom line of Australia’s leading organisations. This troubling disconnect between contracted and realised savings has the potential to undermine the very credibility of the procurement function.

At the recent CIPSA Melbourne event, The Faculty’s General Manager, Marisa Menezes, launched our latest research paper ‘Making it Stick’. At the launch, Marisa challenged procurement teams, CEOs and CFOs, saying the research was a call to action to address the fundamental shortfalls that are costing organisations hundreds of millions in unrealised savings.

Our new report highlights exactly where organisations are coming unstuck in the process of realising savings and provides actionable pragmatic steps that can be followed in order ensure contracted savings hit the bottom line.

What we uncovered.

Our research, which is freely available for download via identified that:

  • 29% of organisations have no defined benefits realisation program for tracking savings.

  • 58% of interviewees were unable to estimate the precent of negotiated savings that actually reached the businesses bottom line.

  • Only 20% of organisations incentivise their staff on savings delivery beyond contract execution.

  • Weaknesses in benefits tracking programs are shared across public and private organisations.

  • Significant change management needs to occur before organisations can fully realise the savings they have negotiated.

  • There is a lack of definitions and measurements around savings tracking and benefits realisation that undermines procurements efforts in this area.

Why you should download “Making it Stick”


  • Understand why organisations fail to deliver on contracted savings.
  • Access a roadmap to ensure that your contracted savings hit the bottom line.
  • Hear from industry leading organisations that have got it right.
  • Access checklists, tools and measurements in order to define and validate your success in this area.

Download our latest research and make your savings stick here



Download our latest research and make your savings stick here