MARCH 2016

Why pay for consultants when you can learn from your peers?

This seems an unusual suggestion from a consulting firm, but The Faculty has been helping clients learn from each other for over ten years by running a managed collaborative learning program where procurement professionals work together to solve shared challenges.

2016 is going to be a watershed year for this group of Roundtable members, all of whom recognise that commercial leaders cannot overcome the biggest challenges facing the profession in isolation. The Faculty will facilitate seventeen Roundtable Meetings where members will work collectively to plug the $140 million savings leak identified in the 2015 Making it Stick report, commissioned by this very group.

This year’s program will focus on four critical challenges:

  • Cost leadership
  • Supply chain resilience
  • Winning the war for talent
  • Innovation and growth.

Of course, The Faculty Roundtable isn’t just about building connections at the CPO level. Members’ teams benefit from access to capability development training, along with Future Leaders Networking breakfasts, Leadership Development workshops, informative weblives (webinars) and a world-class mentoring program.   

In addition, Roundtable members will also examine which companies have “leading practice” in the 50 practice areas covered in The Faculty’s recent benchmarking research. 

Julie Egonidis, Senior Manager - Networks at The Faculty, comments: “We absolutely encourage members to ‘steal’ knowledge from their peers. This involves identifying which members are leading the way in certain areas, then tapping into that knowledge and replicating the recipe for success in their own organisations.

Conversations may take place at the Roundtable meetings, CPO Connect dinners or other networking events, through the online member portal on Procurious, or even just through picking up the phone to reach out to a Roundtable colleague anywhere in the region. The potential benefits of knowledge-sharing between peers are enormous – a 10 minute conversation at a Roundtable meeting could lead to an initiative being put in place that saves your organisation millions.”     

To discuss the benefits of membership in The Faculty Roundtable, please call The Faculty on +61 9654 4900, email

The Faculty Roundtable comprises of an influential group of procurement leaders who gather to share their experiences and insights, to achieve greater commercial success for their organisations. Through The Roundtable, members have access to leading-edge thought leadership and commentators, a ready supply of valuable expertise through exclusive market intelligence, as well as networking and professional development opportunities for themselves and their team members.

The Asia-Pacific CPO Forum is the region’s premier procurement event dedicated to accelerating commercial leadership at the highest level. It is a once-a-year opportunity for leading Chief Procurement Officers to engage with peers and like-minded business leaders in an intimate and interactive setting. The Forum is designed for delegates to facilitate the sharing of best practice strategies, develop innovative and responsive procurement approaches, and hear from a compelling speaker line-up of influential thinkers, eminent business leaders and commercially creative minds.

In 2016, The 9th Annual Asia-Pacific CPO Forum will held on 18th and 19th May in Melbourne, Australia. For more information contact Program Manager, Belinda Toohey, on +61 3 9654 4900 or via email.​