17 AUGUST 2014

Social media site for Procurement launches in September

The founder of two organizations based in Australia--The Faculty and The Source--has created a social media website for procurement professionals looking to advance their careers, develop their skills and expand their professional networks. The site, Procurious, officially launches in September and aims to have 100,000 members in 18 months.  

Procurious will include groups and discussion forums, news and advice, access to online and offline events, as well as mobile and desktop accessible e-learning modules compatible with a range of devices, from PCs to mobile.

In an interview with My Purchasing Center via email, Founder Tania Seary says that Procurious is an online business network for a new generation of procurement professionals.  

“Think of it as a professional network, learning hub and career center,” she says. “You can build your professional network, stay across industry news, issues and events, ask questions of your procurement peers, and access world-class training in the one spot.”

Seary says their research shows that procurement pros value the ability to network, with many of them on the site LinkedIn. “At the same time, they still feel disconnected and lacking visibility, with the site unable to define an identity for the profession,” she says. “They also wanted access to the latest industry news and peer advice and credible training options. We wanted to create an online hub where procurement professionals could get everything in one place."

As Seary sees it, there is a myriad of ways procurement professionals can use Procurious but the main ways it adds value are:

Networking. Procurement professionals can not only connect with like-minded peers but build valuable contacts around the world that will help them get ahead in their careers. 

Helps them do their jobs better--by keeping across the latest industry news/issues/trends and events, asking questions through the discussion board, and developing their skills via the training videos. “Training is a huge benefit for procurement pros," she says. "We’ve sourced some of the world’s best trainers to create bite-sized training modules that cover leadership, management, marketing and procurement topics." 

Procurement professionals can sign up now at It’s free to join. Members can transfer their LinkedIn profile information across by signing up via LinkedIn. The first step, Seary says, “is to populate your profile, and then start connecting with people and building your professional network.” She encourages procurement pros to provide Procurious with feedback on their experience using the site. 

Seary offers these tips for procurement professionals interested in becoming more involved in an online business network:

  • The first would be to get on the site, and start connecting with people. Once you’ve registered, you can search for people you may know, who work in the same category or industry, or invite your email/LinkedIn contacts to join the site via the ‘Build your network’ button.
  • Get involved in the discussion hub. There are questions from members across the globe. It’s a great way to share knowledge and experience or ask questions, and make new connections. 
  • Build your personal brand. “We’ve already seen some of our early adopters share and post articles they have written or read that start interesting conversations amongst their networks, Seary says. “These procurement pros are establishing themselves as thought leaders or influencers.”

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