2 July 2013, Pro Bono Australia News

Social Procurement as a Game Changer

Australian companies who consistently direct spend to social enterprises are generating a competitive advantage over their rivals.

Working with Social Traders, Faculty consultant Matthew Bonwick has spent recent months investigating how corporate Australia is using procurement processes and purchasing power to generate benefits and positive social impact.

The pending report summarizes the current state of Social Procurement in corporate Australia, and highlights opportunities for Procurement professionals to rise from being ‘Procura-crats’ to ‘Agents for Social Change’. 

The Faculty’s work in social procurement extends to leading the Board for Socially Responsible Procurement, in association with Social Traders. At this Board, best practice is captured and case studied and the knowledge base is building.

 Mark Daniels, Head of Strategy and Market Development at Social Traders, wrote the following article for Pro Bono Australia News, encouraging corporates to make an enormous difference for individuals and communities through the addition of social clauses in their contracts.

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For more information on how your business can become more involved with The Board for Socially Responsible Procurement, email consultant Matthew Bonwick.